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Books and Novels

Books and Novels

Books and Novels

Books and Novels


1、Good Spirit Makes You Brave --After reading ?A New Year s surprise?良好的精神让你勇敢的——在阅读?新一年的惊喜?

A New Year’s surprise by John Milne is a wonderful story. It tells us how a girl called Kaya could defeat a robber who had a gun in his hand. And she is only 17 years old! Kaya used her courage and wisdom to beat the robbers. Finally she became a superstar because of her excellent deed. After reading this book, I thought about my life. Sometimes I was brave but sometimes I was a coward. People always have their own weak side. Some people often show how brave they are and how strong they are, but when a disaster comes, they always run away quickly and scream more loudly than any other people. So, we should try our best and show our bravey when something or somebody is in danger.

Something happens out of the blue and you don t have much time to think about it, so remember: whatever anything happens, don t evade it, but treat it as a challenge. Someday you will find you can solve the problem and you are the winner! Good spirit makes you be brave, if you really want to learn how to be a brave man or woman, you must have a good spirit, and you must try to face anything and to do everything with your courage and wisdom.

Well, life is always full of frustrations, but you must know how to solve your problems, and you must be brave. But what can make you be brave? Only good spirit!





2、The Old Man And The Sea

The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway s most enduring works.Told in language of great simplicity and power,it is the story of an old Cuban fisherman,down on his luck,and his supreme ordeal——a relentless,agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream.Here Hemingway recasts,in strikingly contemporary style,the classic thene of courage in the face of defeat,of personal triumph won from los.Written in 1952,this hugely successfully novella confirmed his power and presence in the literary world and played a huge part in his winning the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature. The novel is very famous in the world, so lot of people like this novel. We also studied it in our Chinese class, Hemingway s novel are always interesting I like his novel much, also in his novel we can learn a lot by his meanings. It’s really a good novel for people to read.


3、 If I have a bright day, “如果我有一个美好的一天。”

Helen Keller was born just 19 months, blind due to illness, soon after the impact of the hearing. From then on she is on the long night of darkness and silence through the world. Long-term life of the blind, made her eyes bright and extremely valuable.

She can not be the same as ordinary people feel the joy of life, we can not enjoy this beautiful world full of fun and can only use their hands to touch her delicate to regret and frustration, but she never give up.

Helen Keller her solely, to forge ahead in the spirit of dedication and inspired generations of people, let us cherish a blind eye as to cherish our lives, like it! Help make life more meaningful, more valuable .


4、《Jane Eyre》《简·爱》

I have read a book called 《Jane Eyre》. I think the story was very interesting. The girl called Jane Eyre was very brave. Jane was an orphan. She lived in her aunt’s house. Her aunt didn’t like her, so she took her to an orphanage. Jane studied in the orphanage(孤儿院)and learned a lot of things. When Jane grew up, she worked as a governess(女家庭教师) in a big family and taught the child in this family. Bit by bit(一点一点地), Jane and her master Mr Rochester came to fall in love with each other. But the master had a wife. She was a madwoman. When Jane knew this, she left her teaching post.

But she could not forget her master. So, at last, she visited her master. At that time, her master’ house was burnt down and he became handicapped. His mad wife died in the big fire. Jane decided to get married with him and look after him. Jane Eyre found his real love and she was a happy woman. The most important thing is that Jane believed everybody were equal. Do you think so?





5、Alice in Wonderland爱丽丝奇遇记

One hot summer day, Alice and her sister are sitting under the tree. Alice sees a white rabbit, and she run after it. The rabbit goes down a rabbit whole and Alice follows it, she is now in a strange wonderland. Alice

eats some special things, and she changes her size! Everything is different and strange there. The animals there can speak! Alice meets many interesting things. At last, she wakes up. It’s just a dream!


6、Five Famous Fairy Tales 著名童话五则

This book tells five famous fairy tales. Today, I will mainly introduce the story, The White Birds, written by Hans Anderson.

There is a king with ten sons and one daughter. Their mother died when the daughter, Elisa, was born. Then the king married with another woman. But she is a bad and jealous woman. She changes the boys in to ten white birds. Elisa makes the coats of gold flowers to help them. Finally she succeeds, her brothers change bake to people, and she married with a king.

这本书讲述了五个著名的童话故事。今天,我将主要介绍故事,白色的鸟,作者汉斯·安德森。 有一个国王,他有十个儿子和一个女儿。他们的母亲去世时,女儿,Elisa,出生。王与另一个女人结婚。但她是一个坏和嫉妒的女人。她改变了男孩在十只白色的小鸟。Elisa使大衣的黄金鲜花来帮助他们。她终于成功了,她的兄弟改变的人,也和她烤已婚,有一个国王。

7、Yesterday, I read a book, the name of the book is《Dr Bethune》. 昨天,我读了一本书,书的名字是《白求恩医生》。

Dr Bethune was a famous doctor From Canada. In 1938, he came


1st Book

Name(书名):The Adventure of Tom Sawyer Author(作者): Mark Twain

Publishing House(出版社): Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Main Characters(主要人物):



My idea(我的感想): After reading, I think that...

2nd Book


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